Budapest Startup Ecosystem


A burgeoning community of earnest individuals, eager to innovate and learn from each other and global best practices. Most funding options stemming from government money, few startup success stories to look to. 


Mary and Lannie have been key supporters of Hungarian entrepreneurship since they entered the scene in 2012 at a fateful meeting in the offices of Digital Natives. In addition to working with Hungarian tech companies and development shop clients, they have also dedicated time and resources to building up the ecosystem of this special startup community, using their expertise and international networks.



The Budapest New Technology Meetup , where the latest local innovations can still be discovered first, celebrated their 10-year anniversary this year with a subscribership of over 4,000


According to, Budapest’s startup scene includes 221 startups, 181 startup events in the past year and a plethora of new coworking spaces and offices


There have been a handful of Hungarian companies that have reached global recognition (Prezi, Ustream now IBM Cloud Video, LogMeIn) - and we aim our sights at the next one


New corporate accelerators are popping up for big industry players to take advantage of startup innovations - Mary is proud to be working with the team at MKB Fintechlab as their Head of Startups