How will you get to the next level?


Rapid Growth Architects


From managing employees to managing boards, we know it’s not always easy to run the company and build consensus while simultaneously offering a confident vision that your team can get behind.

tandemLEAP partners bring decades of experience managing organizations, the dedication to dig into your data + glean insights you may have overlooked, and countless professional skills to the task.


  • Investigation and collaboration on the best growth strategy - how do you get from 0-5M, 5M-20M and on?
  • Establishment of measurement criteria and review of processes
  • Prioritization and debriefing weekly / monthly / quarterly tasks to stay on track
  • CEO + management strength-building and support throughout major decision-making
  • External yet comprehensive perspective of your company’s internal strengths, challenges, values and long-term opportunities
  • Investigation and assessment of financial statements, market data and research
  • Industry-level networking and knowledge-gathering activities to inform and develop company’s long-term strategy
  • What keeps YOU up at night? Let’s work together to figure out a way to tackle any question or problem you have.

"When we are listened to, it creates us, makes us unfold and expand."

-Brenda Ueland


Business Development


tandemLEAP partners have been selling and fundraising across all different markets, so we have amassed tricks from every trade. We’ll talk you through your process and see how we can add value - whether it’s through organizing your activities, documenting and measuring your efforts or conducting interviews and prospecting through our extensive personal networks.

We utilize our international network
to further + support our efforts.


  • Review of your sales/marketing materials, with particular focus on how best to communicate your value propositions for distinct audiences
  • Create a new or expanded business development strategy with lead generation activities, goal-setting, online tracking and documentation
  • Align your team on case studies and references that really sell
  • Set up and attend meetings with target prospects
  • Appropriate follow-through with all prospects and contacts


Distinct Positioning and Messaging


We recognize the need to set your business on the right path by clearly defining what makes your business different and better than all the rest. We'll work with you to develop your distinct corporate / product / service positioning, branding and messaging based on competitive analyses.

Creating rapid support for attracting and contracting with a new client is no accident. As a strategic advisory communications function, it requires a set of systematic analysis and select deliverables in proper order — all informed by mature judgments and borne of experience.

Based on the optimized, newly developed message and presentation, your team will avoid serious selling pitfalls when they learn the most effective message hierarchy, sequencing and expression proven to yield the most rapid and complete audience understanding of, acceptance and belief in your message.

This is essential preparation for actual selling and produces the most compelling and confident presentation possible. We also will anticipate, develop and practice well-informed answers to the likely questions anticipated from your prospects.


  • Development of detailed questions at the heart of how the service/product involved is different and better, how it operates and a host of related questions
  • Competitive review of the space – even of products/entities that may not be an exact match but may be perceived as resident in its domain
  • Digest information, craft, draft and revise an initial set of messaging for the company
  • Finalize new direction and document for internal review and training
  • Train the selling team

"If you have the guts to keep making mistakes, your wisdom and intelligence leap forward with huge momentum."

- Holly Near


Fundraising and Investing

We love helping companies grow and when it’s time to raise funds, we can help. We connect founders and CEOs to potential investors, and we also know how to scout for the right fit. We give angel investors an insider's look at emerging startups from Central and Eastern Europe and the companies we’re involved with in New York City. Mary is a resource, mentor and leader in the startup scene on the ground in Budapest where we are always looking for rising stars. Lannie is strategically based in NYC where lies the hub of our investor and professional network.

  • We cherish our friendships and business relationships - that’s why we take them seriously.
  • We go to lengths not to exploit trusted relationships by getting too spammy or needy. But when we know of a startup looking for an advisor or investor, and we know an investor who could be a good fit, we ask permission and make introductions.
  • This simple networking effect has led to many happy investors and funded companies.
  • Fundraising is not easy. We’ve been at it for more than 10 years for various companies from several industries.
  • If we think we can help you, we will. If your situation requires advisors with a different skill set or network, we will be honest about that upfront and help you find the next person you should talk to.