Pyure Brands


A few years ago, Pyure was approaching annual revenues of $5M. The company was quickly transitioning from a startup to a growth company and looking for improved processes and scaling techniques.

What we contributed

  • Oversaw major organizational changes including senior hires and annual reviews
  • Development of the company’s position and core brand statement as foundation for marketing, sales and virtually every corporate activity
  • Vetted and implemented strategic initiatives including annual budgeting, forecasts, company-wide goal-setting and staff reviews
  • Provided on-going support to CEO for major decision-making and long-term planning
  • Created management systems and protocols to improve communication and flow of information

Where they are today


Annual revenue growth of

30-40%, 4 years running


Net profits have risen nearly

100% YOY


Retail products found in

20K+ stores nation-wide


100s of food and beverage manufacturers sweeten with Pyure


Pyure is the

#1 selling organic stevia sweetener in the USA